Aydin has been centered on various civilizations since the known eras of history. Numerous scholars and wise people grew up in leading cities such as Aphrodisias, Miletus, Alinda, Didyma, Nisa, Prien, Magnesia of Antiquity. Aydin today; Together with the Tralles Town on the back of the Top Bedrock in the north, developed in the time of Hittites in 2500 BC, VII. In the time of Lydia in the nineteenth century, it was also the brightest day. Equipped with cultural assets and works of Turkish civilizations together with the Seljuks, Aydın has witnessed civilized days in social services, agriculture and architecture. In 1390, Aydin was appointed as the governor of Aydin by Ertuğrul Bey, the prince of Yıldırım Beyazıt, to gain the status of a unit in the Turkish sovereignty.

At the time of Aydınoğulları, the name of the city was Aydın Güzelhisarı and later it was named Aydin. The city was established in the XIV century instead of today. It became a state in 1390 and a sanctuary in 1426. In 1811, it became the center of the province which includes the provinces of Izmir, Saruhan (Manisa), Menteşe (Mugla), Antalya, Isparta. Although the provincial headquarters (1857) was moved to Izmir, the name of this administrative unit remained 'Aydın' until the end of the Ottoman State. This administration style, which continued as a star until 1919, was changed into an independent province in 1923 after the occupation of 40 months between 25 May 1919-7 September 1922 and with the acquisition of the War of Independence.