We need big-scale businesses to grow the Aydin Economy. These investments can also take place in six organized industrial zones operating within a certain plan and system.

Approximately 25% (180 firms) of our 708 active industrialists are located in the six organized industrial zones in our city, ASTİM OSB, Aydın OSB, Nazilli OSB, Ortaklar OSB, Chine OSB and Söke OSB. 60% of our industrialists in the Organized Industrial Zone are direct exports by a total of about 200 industrialists. We expect that the exports of our industrialists in 2013 will be $ 690 million. Our exporters prefer to process and export locally produced raw materials as usual. The ratio of export imports to imports this year; If you evaluate December exports by adding them, this ratio is the highest level according to other figures in the Aegean region. In short, the positive contribution of our country's exports to the current account deficit in our country continues. Main export items are various machines, cooling machines, Mining and Metals (quartz, feldspar, marble etc.), Dried Fruits and Products (dried fig etc.), ready-made garments and apparel, vehicles and sub-industry ) Chemicals and materials (soap, shampoo, cellulose CMC etc.), olive and olive oil, fruit and vegetable products (food processing, stone and mineral processing facilities etc.), electrical and electronic materials (insulated wires and cables, etc.) , Iron and non-ferrous metals, aquatic products and products, agriculture and soil processing machinery hardware (panel radiator, steel door etc.), furniture and paper products.

When we consider the ordering of the exported products, the most efficient and quality quarries of quartz, feldspar mines which are an important raw material for the mining sector and especially for the ceramics, glass sector are located in Aydın-Çine and Bozdoğan Districts. Feldspar and quartz, produced at micron level, enriched by being extracted from the quarries of Çine and Bozdoğan regions, are presented to the ceramic and glass sector. The investment opportunities in the ceramics and glass sector are presented in the Tine Industry Organized Industrial Zone. Agricultural machinery processing (olive, olive oil, fig, cotton) agricultural machinery and food processing facilities (milk and dairy products, dried fruit processing), Nazilli Organize (processing of milk and dairy products, dried fruits), cooling machines, freezer, energy cable, cellulose, solar energy systems production facilities, Industrial Zone, Partners Organized Industrial Zone and Söke Organize Industrial Zone are locomotive industrial establishments and domestic and foreign investments in these regions are continuing rapidly.

In ASTİM Organize Industrial Zone and AYDIN Organized Industrial Zone located in Aydin, 80% of the total 150 active industrial enterprises are exporting. The occupancy rate of OIZ has reached to 90% here.

In this way, our 6 Industrial Organized Industrialists and our investors have gained the priority of realizing large-scale investments that have institutional structure within the sense of partnership and unity, especially with foreign investor partnership. For investments made in the Organized Industrial Zones in our province, 3 regional incentives and 5 important support and exemptions are given in matters such as tax, social security of employees, land acquisition.

In the last 5 years, important geothermal energy facilities have been established because of the fact that our province is the first place in geothermal fields in Turkey in electricity generation and heating. Now it is time to establish the Specialized Organized Industrial Zones based on Agriculture by using geothermal energy again. This will enable the spread of undergrowth. If we think about the economy and the employment to be provided by the vegetable and fruit production and drying operations to be produced by these OSBs with the contributions of the climatic climatic conditions, I believe that our science economy will have a big leap in the next 4-5 years and we will reach 1 billion dollars export with 1,000 industrial enterprises which is our target.

In our city, four seasonal weather conditions of the year are in the most suitable conditions for agriculture, tourism, industry, transportation and social life. With years of infrastructure work and environmental regulations, our city, which has become a modern city, is preferred as a place to live for all the guests from the outside. At the same time, the transition to the urban life that will appeal to the social life style of senior managers who work and grow as our industrial facilities grow in our province is realized. Our city will be governed as Metropolitan in this period. In line with the demands of our industrialists and investors from abroad, All institutions and organizations need to work in unity and togetherness in order to improve the opportunities offered by our science.

As a result, there is the opportunity to invest in every branch of industry, commerce and tourism in this region with the yield of crops, the extraction of mines and the presentation of industrialists as raw materials, transportation opportunities and incentives.

Best regards,

Mehmet Yunus ŞAHİN

Chairman of the Board