Aydin Chamber of Industry started its activities in 1954 under the name Aydin Branch of Aegean Chamber of Industry in order to meet the common needs of its members and to facilitate their professional activities. However, depending on the developments, it became compulsory for the Aydın Chamber of Industry to become an independent organization from the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry and as a result it continues its activities as the Aydın Chamber of Industry since January 1, 2008, in accordance with the TOBB Law No. 5590.

Aydin Chamber of Industry, established with 500 members according to TOBB Law No. 5590, is the 12th Chamber of Industry of Turkey with its membership number approaching to 1000 today. There are 15 Occupation Groups in our room which doubles the number of members today since it was established parallel to the growth of Aydın growing day by day.

“Industrialization is among our greatest national trials. We will run and operate all kinds of large and small industries that exist in our country for economic and life-friendly economic activities. This is a necessity in order to appreciate our products and to reach the ideal of the most advanced and prosperous Turkey from the shortest path, especially the homeland defense ”.

With the principle of M. Kemal ATATURK, the Aydın Chamber of Industry is always determined to carry on with the Aydin Industry with a full and timely service, continuous improvement, technological sub-construction and development and support for the training of employees.